Expo 18 at The National Waterways Museum

The opening at The National Waterways Museum in Ellesmere Port on the 20th of July.  It runs till the 4th of November, I have some pieces of work in there as part of the group exhibition Canal Art… not what you might expect.

I have been travelling on the canals and rivers of England and Wales on the ‘never ending journey’ on the ‘Wrong Way Round’ since January 2014.  As it says on the tin… so to speak it is a journey of ‘Art & Travel’ recording, writing, drawing the things we see and the routes we take on that journey.  I exhibit those findings as and when possible… in this case it is maps and wildlife which are influenced by milestones, time and scale.

Mile stones, boundaries and maps.

Milestones, boundaries and maps.

Wildlife & maps

Wildlife & maps

Instruments for measuring distances... old mapping equipment still in use today.

Instruments for measuring distances… old mapping equipment still in use today.

Boundary Stones

Boundary Stones

It is an eclectic exhibition with contributions from the Guild of Waterway Artists of which I am a member.  Here are a few photos taken on the opening night.

Opening night 19th July 2018

Opening night 19th July 2018


A charming exhibition of the Waterways

A charming exhibition of the Waterways

Taking a Walk on the Wild-side

Audlem CV poster


A new exhibition opening in March; it is the largest exhibition in the U.K. of canal related works.  A diverse collection of media and styles, contemporary and traditional.  I am looking forward to being part of this group exhibition; I am showing a collection of drawings which are part of a series called Taking a walk on the Wildside; a celebration of movement through drawing.


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running with moorhens

All twittered which seems quite appropriate really!  Find me on twitter : https://twitter.com/jellygnomes

Finally I have hooked up with twitter: a big learning curve for me.  March has been a fantastic month and so far the year is going with a bang.  After having a drawing with prose accepted to be part of the Hexopolis project at the Leeds Art Book Fair – which was so exciting I must add. So  I am now dashing about between drawing and the framers getting ready for the Audlem Mill  - Canal Art Exhibition.  A small exhibition which will have the largest collection of canal and waterways related artworks on display and for sale.


Audlem Mill Limited, The Wharf, AUDLEM, Cheshire CW3 0DX, UK



Lazy Days of Summer

Kingfisher diving bubbles

Over the lazy days of summer, I have been doodling alongside painting; trying my hand at creating new and diverse ways of showing how the kingfisher shows itself.  My latest paintings are just that…. diving, catching, splashing, then emerging from the rivers edge.  Hoping to capture how agile the kingfisher really is!!  This latest kingfisher is mounted and awaiting to be taken to the framers!

I was thrilled to have exhibited with the Guild of Waterway Artists   at the Black Country Museum on the 28th & 29th September; where some of my drawings were shown as part of this exhibition.  The events that weekend also included the Historic Working Boats, what a sight to be seen!  It was spectacular! all in all!  A great weekend was had!539158_710941512252548_1362631127_n

Kingfisher diving bubbles cards

A5 Art Cards now in print.

Link:  The Black Country Museum   http://www.bclm.co.uk/ 



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I began with a-painting-a-day for the Braunston Historic Boat Show June 2013; a show stopping event where people and boats come together from all walks of life.  What a lovely event to be part of, with Prunella Scales and Timothy West opening the show this year.  The Hum of Life; brought to life with Morris dancers, music, people and boats, together with the hustle and bustle of this remarkable venue.


The Guild of Waterway Artists this year put on a unique and diverse display of artworks – as part of this event; I endeavored to create a series of drawings which highlight the diversity of wildlife which can be found on and around our waterways.

Painting a day

For framed work or prints… coming soon an updated gallery!  For any questions or enquiries please email me:  enquiry@jellygnomes.co.uk


Some of the Guild of Waterway Artists enjoying an end of day… http://www.waterwayartistsguild.co.uk/