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I began with a-painting-a-day for the Braunston Historic Boat Show June 2013; a show stopping event where people and boats come together from all walks of life.  What a lovely event to be part of, with Prunella Scales and Timothy West opening the show this year.  The Hum of Life; brought to life with Morris dancers, music, people and boats, together with the hustle and bustle of this remarkable venue.


The Guild of Waterway Artists this year put on a unique and diverse display of artworks – as part of this event; I endeavored to create a series of drawings which highlight the diversity of wildlife which can be found on and around our waterways.

Painting a day

For framed work or prints… coming soon an updated gallery!  For any questions or enquiries please email me:  enquiry@jellygnomes.co.uk


Some of the Guild of Waterway Artists enjoying an end of day… http://www.waterwayartistsguild.co.uk/