The International Postcard Show 2016 : Opening Night

Venue : Surface Gallery, 16 Southwell Road, Nottingham, NG1 1DLOpening night

The International Postcard Show 2016 –  Friday 15th January – 13th February 2016.

The show opened on Friday the 15th of January; having over 400 entries, the opening was given a good response from the public.  Here are a few photographs from the opening night.  With my entry of a ‘Trio of Kingfishers’ Story-cards from the story ‘Blue Coot’, a story which talks about difference.

Opening night

The show opens...

15th January to 13th February 2016

Opening night

A Trio of Kingfishers

 My ‘Trio of Kingfisher postcards’ are for sale at £15 each which you can buy direct from the gallery…

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TEL: 0115 947 0793


New Product Launch

Blackbird singing in the dead of night...

Blackbird singing in the dead of night…

Blackbird singing in the dead of night… a collaboration of artworks between Vicky Pearson and Lesley Pearson; to launch our new product range on the Jellygnomes Webshop… With Sue Lees modelling the new Limited Edition T-Shirt Range…

Jellygnomes webshop

The flight of the Kingfisher

Adapted to see underwater the kingfisher can see it prey.

Adapted to see underwater the kingfisher can see it prey.

The flight of the kingfisher is fast, direct and usually low over water. The short rounded wings whirr rapidly, a bird flying away shows an electric-blue “flash” down its back…

In the blink of an eye... the kingfisher is a king of fishers.

In the blink of an eye… the kingfisher is a king of fishers.

They are the king of fishers, eating a varied diet of equatic insects alongside small fish. Kingfishers usually hunt from an exposed perch; when a prey item is observed, the kingfisher swoops down to snatch it, then returns to the perch.

Kingfishers are generally shy birds, but in spite of this, they feature heavily in human culture.  As a shy bird the sightings can be rare, yet we see them quite frequently as we move about the rivers and canal networks of England and Wales.  Some kingfishers are quiet undeterred by human presence, others flitting when our boat comes to close.   The flitting electric blue is sometimes the only sighting we can record.  Kingfishers are territorial, nesting in crevices of upturned trees, in banks of rivers and canals.  Laying 2 eggs in a clutch, the flood waters can be a problem in spring.  This leads to laying more eggs to compensate for the loss if they are flooded out.

Kingfisher Perched

The kingfisher is on the Amber List of Endangers species… they are a sign of decent water quality.  In winter if the water is iced over they move to coastal regions, this causes problems for the kingfisher, it is a prime reason for the loss of the species if the bad weather is prolonged.  My drawings are a recording something I shall continue with.

Over the past year I have been writing a children’s book which largely features the coot; who has an encounter with a kingfisher.  During these past few years, I have been looking at characters, families, fall-outs, nesting seasons alongside spotting the diversity of wildlife living on our canals and rivers.

Jellygnomes webshop

A children's story about difference and colour.

A children’s story about difference and colour.

Leading on from the story ‘Blue Coot’ I have been privileged to be able to take part in the International Postcard Show 2016, with my Trio of Kingfishers.

My webshop has some of the drawings, which take form as prints, T-shirts, cards…


A Trio of Kingfishers by Lesley Pearson

Venue : Surface Gallery, 16 Southwell Road, Nottingham.  NG1 1DLPostcard show 2016

Opening Night : Friday, January 15th, 18.00-21.00

January 16th – February 13th

The Surface Gallery in Nottingham are hosting The International Postcard Show.  This year I decided to submit A Trio of Kingfishers; as story-cards, they are a precursor to a book I have been working on which tells the Children’s story of a ‘Blue Coot’.   ‘What a magnificent sight to be seen’ thought the Blue Coot as he gazed at the kingfisher sitting on a branch up above.  The Story and illustrations talk about difference.

KFDive storycard kINGFI

A Trio of Kingfishers

A Trio of Kingfishers

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Jellygnomes webshop

Over the last 12 months I began to see the ‘Blue Coot’  as an eccentric little bird, which is shy, who hides at every opportunity much like many coots we have seen over the past few years. The ‘Skating Coot’ is a carry on from the story which formed part of the Guild of Waterway Artists Christmas Card Selection which is for sale from my Webshop.

Christmas Coot



!!! Our New On-Line Webshop !!!

Jellygnomes webshop

Welcome to our new on line Webshop…

Where you can purchase, Original Drawings, Limited Editions, Prints, Cards… Click on the link in the Menu to view the On-Line Gallery Shop …. 

Originals and prints WALKING WITH COOTS

See the Current Exhibition in the menu Option to view the uptoday selection, alongside the Christmas Selection for gifts and stocking fillers.  We will of course be continuing with Pop-Up Gallery’s; alongside being able to offer an on line shopping option….

Thank you for all your support as we continue to make our ways through the back waters of the Canals and River Navigations of England and Wales.

Many thanks



The Black Country Living Museum 26th & 27th September 2016

 Venue : 2 Tipton Rd, Dudley DY1 4SQ

The Historic Boaters' Gathering

26th & 27th September at the Black Country Living Museum : The Historic Boaters’ Gathering gave a good show.  I was privileged to be invited to exhibit with the Guild of Waterway Artists; artists who bring to the fore Contemporary and Traditional artworks of the Waterways.  Gathering momentum we had a successful weekend on all counts with lots of visitors alongside the Historic Boats and boaters it was a grand weekend.

Guild of Waterway Artists at the Black Country Museum 2015

digital media

digital media

Young artists


The next exhibition at the Black Country Living Museum with the Guild of Waterway Artists will be in September 2017.


What is Art? Why do it? Why do you draw what you draw?


Some times I am asked “Why do you draw birds?”  ”Is it because you like to draw birds?  Why not draw dogs or narrowboats?”   Quite often I take a step back, I ask myself  ”Am I on the right track?”   This scenario is quite common, today quite by chance I came across this video through my husband, who is witness to my conundrums, my questions.

See Link :

I had the pleasure to be a student at Hallam University, to study as an undergraduate; where the questions were raised, ‘Is it Art?’  ’Who pays for this?’  ’Is Art a cop-out?’  Many questions were and have been discussed over the time I was there.  I have an understanding of What Art is, What can be Art, Who funds it? What’s the point of it?  Working with sculpture, with words, with prose, writing and making films, taking photographs; alongside the questions of ‘But is it Art?’  The video makes a good stab at the envelope  of ideas of What Art can be!  To me it is more than a drawing, words or a photograph.  They are all a compilation of my journey and each artist is walking a path which is their  journey.  It is not a journey of following a style, or a subject, it is a voyage of discovery.

the dive KINGFISHER RISING small

Observations of my journey using my interpretations of encounters, I create, recreate meetings with wildlife along the way.  It is a diary of our journey, that is how I visualize it,  an explorer of nature, of  colours, of sounds and experiences.  They are what make the drawings  come alive.

As part of our journey we had the privilege to exhibit with the Guild of Waterway Artists at the Black Country Museum in Dudley.  We engaged with the public, bringing our visions of the waterways as a group.


Adults, children; together with students who were interested in techniques; something I am interested in. ‘Art for people, encouraging the arts for children, to inspire, to create!  To me that is what Art is about!  To enjoy all aspects of Art and the world of Art!’


Mellow September – Drawing ‘En Plein Air’

Originals and prints little books

To day we are at Great Haywood, a lovely place to spend a few days.  With Shugborough Old Hall, a quaint little village and lots of boats and visitors who came to say hello.

Traditional peg dolls Prints various sizes

Hopefully coming soon an on line shop, life in the slow lane on the canals and rivers carries on at its own pace.

The river Trent

Essex Bridge, Shugboroug

Some shots I managed to get of Shugborough, Great Haywood where the river Trent and the Trent and Mersey canal pass each other.  We will be moving onward towards Birmingham for the Historic Boaters’ Gathering at the Black Country Museum for the 26th & September, where as a member of the Guild of Waterway Artists we will be exhibiting in the ‘Old Cafe’ opposite the boat dock.

New Member of the Association of Animal Artists


Finally…  I now have a profile on the webpage as a new member of the  Association of Animal Artists.  Home page :  After an eventful year, I am trying to catch up getting myself up to date with new news.

My Profile :

AAA Association of Anilmal Artists


We have travelled extensively this year, starting from Llangollen in January; then moving on to Braunston on the Grand Union Canal, traversing the River Soar, the River Trent, the River Witham; all of which have a wealth of wildlife.  Spotting little egrets, lapwings, cormorants, kingfishers, a wealth of herons, crested grebes, and what a way to see them as we travel on our NB Hekla.  I really has been a diverse summer.  The rivers offer a wilderness of wildlife and fauna.  How lucky we are to be able to see what lives with us as we travel.

Coots Swans


Catching shots, sometimes isn’t that easy, so sometimes its a sketch to help me remember something I have seen on our travels.  This year we have only seen 4 kingfishers and all in one day as we went down the River Soar.  Quick little birds, in an instant they are gone.  Sketch books at the ready for more drawings to be inspired.



Guild of Waterway Artists at Braunston June 2015

Venue : ‘Historic Boaters Gathering’ Braunston Marina, The  Wharf, Braunston, Northamptonshire. NN11 7JH 

Guild of Waterway Artists

Braunston… meet some of the gang from the Guild of Waterway Artists as we put up the show at Braunston Historic Boat Rally at the end of June.  We had a magnificent marquee which me managed to fill between us.  As a diverse bunch of Contemporary and Traditional artists we always enjoy Braunston and endeavour to put on a good show.