‘If everyone just bought a card’

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Artist & designer, Sarah Hamilton, was passing the closed down shop and saw the quote:

“If everyone who’d complimented our beautiful gallery had bought ‘just a card‘ we’d still be open”

As a designer herself, she thought ‘enough is enough!’ and she decided to fight back and created the ‘Just a Card’ campaign.  So to help… pass this on, as we have decided to join in and highlight the situation of many Artists, makers and creators with the slogan ‘Just a Card’

The campaign is aimed to promote small shops, creators, makers and artists.  To get the campaign in front of customers so they can try and make an effort to buy just a card, just a gift, just a coffee, a small gift, a token, just a framed print or a map.  If everyone did this, our high streets would thrive, be alive with activity and small business owners will do a little happy dance, as each little sale will help to keep their shop open, put food on their table, a roof over their head and buy a child that little gift for their families.

These shops are at the heart of a diverse local economy – they showcase creativity and keep many a Designer/Maker in business who champion their artists for years. They generate tourist traffic and make our towns, villages and waterways interesting places we all want to visit and enjoy.  Our circumstances are, we live on a boat, we are artists and sell our artworks, touring from county to county.  What a difference this would make to our artistic venues who we support along the way; by bringing artworks and stories around the waterway networks.

As an example, if we look at the number of our facebook followers (currently standing at 382), which we receive many great comments and appreciation for our products, If half of those followers (190) each month came to our shop and purchased one of our cards which start at (£2.50) it would give us a turnover of £475 each month from just buying a card.  Granted that is not profit but something as small as that would not only keep us shop open, but, also keep a designer trading too from just half of our followers buying a card each month.

If we take that a step further, if half of our followers purchased a map or small framed print for £20 and a Birthday, thank you or congratulations card etc then that monthly figure would become £4,275!  That would not only keep our shop open but it would put food on our table, allow us to keep a roof over our heads.  Our money would then be able to go on to support other local traders which can also do the same for them.  To be fair £4,275 would be a dream in reality ‘Just buy a card’ would make the difference to wondering whether you will be here next year or not.  It is as simple as that.

So next time you need a card or gift or meeting a friend for a coffee then please give a thought to the small independent shops like ours, pay them a visit and keep the high street alive and that one card is all it takes to keep a local independent shop open.  Keep local traders in your mind and help them to survive.

For more information on the ‘just a card’ campaign please visit their website and support the campaign and independent shops before the high street disappears.



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Maps & Map Cards illustrated

Maps & Map Cards illustrated

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Keep small Artists, makers and creators alive, help keep a small business afloat and support ‘Just A Card’

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