Beautiful World… Where are you?


Beautiful World… Where are you?  An exhibition of diverse and interesting topics; engaging with galleries and loose on the streets of Liverpool.  Social Cleansing, reduction of rights, loss of heritage, a celebration of cultures from around the world.

Liverpool Biennale is a fantastic host to a lively and engaging exhibition; this years topic got us going…  What we did next was… to engage with it.  Austerity is over… Yes!  Right…


Ask the man on the street, ask the locals, then ask the politicians.  Is Austerity over?  Ask the beggars!  Is the structure change so damaging? Ask the shoppers?  How many food banks and charity shops do you see up and down the country.  So there you go… and we hope to highlight in our little way by exhibiting both in galleries and on the street the plight of ‘Austerity’

Food Bank

You can get anything you want from Gov’s Restaurant… find a food bank near you!  What are we losing the right to a decent standard of living.

House of Card... Self assembly

House of Cards : Self Assembly kit comes in two forms one with Garden and one without.  Both left : one in a gallery and the other in a student led venue.  Build yourself a home… get yourself on the property market.  A political appeal in the 1990′s – Thatchers Vision… the name ‘House of Cards’ derives from a tv sitcom which is on a par with Bouquet of Barbed Wire… Both programmes were a political look on society and governments.

Hekla on Tour

I could give more information about which galleries or public spaces but that would spoil the fun.  Safe to say they are; in and outside two galleries alongside public spaces.  There are ten to find around Liverpool.