The Black Country Living Museum 26th & 27th September 2016

 Venue : 2 Tipton Rd, Dudley DY1 4SQ

The Historic Boaters' Gathering

26th & 27th September at the Black Country Living Museum : The Historic Boaters’ Gathering gave a good show.  I was privileged to be invited to exhibit with the Guild of Waterway Artists; artists who bring to the fore Contemporary and Traditional artworks of the Waterways.  Gathering momentum we had a successful weekend on all counts with lots of visitors alongside the Historic Boats and boaters it was a grand weekend.

Guild of Waterway Artists at the Black Country Museum 2015

digital media

digital media

Young artists


The next exhibition at the Black Country Living Museum with the Guild of Waterway Artists will be in September 2017.


What is Art? Why do it? Why do you draw what you draw?


Some times I am asked “Why do you draw birds?”  ”Is it because you like to draw birds?  Why not draw dogs or narrowboats?”   Quite often I take a step back, I ask myself  ”Am I on the right track?”   This scenario is quite common, today quite by chance I came across this video through my husband, who is witness to my conundrums, my questions.

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I had the pleasure to be a student at Hallam University, to study as an undergraduate; where the questions were raised, ‘Is it Art?’  ’Who pays for this?’  ’Is Art a cop-out?’  Many questions were and have been discussed over the time I was there.  I have an understanding of What Art is, What can be Art, Who funds it? What’s the point of it?  Working with sculpture, with words, with prose, writing and making films, taking photographs; alongside the questions of ‘But is it Art?’  The video makes a good stab at the envelope  of ideas of What Art can be!  To me it is more than a drawing, words or a photograph.  They are all a compilation of my journey and each artist is walking a path which is their  journey.  It is not a journey of following a style, or a subject, it is a voyage of discovery.

the dive KINGFISHER RISING small

Observations of my journey using my interpretations of encounters, I create, recreate meetings with wildlife along the way.  It is a diary of our journey, that is how I visualize it,  an explorer of nature, of  colours, of sounds and experiences.  They are what make the drawings  come alive.

As part of our journey we had the privilege to exhibit with the Guild of Waterway Artists at the Black Country Museum in Dudley.  We engaged with the public, bringing our visions of the waterways as a group.


Adults, children; together with students who were interested in techniques; something I am interested in. ‘Art for people, encouraging the arts for children, to inspire, to create!  To me that is what Art is about!  To enjoy all aspects of Art and the world of Art!’