New Member of the Association of Animal Artists


Finally…  I now have a profile on the webpage as a new member of the  Association of Animal Artists.  Home page :  After an eventful year, I am trying to catch up getting myself up to date with new news.

My Profile :

AAA Association of Anilmal Artists


We have travelled extensively this year, starting from Llangollen in January; then moving on to Braunston on the Grand Union Canal, traversing the River Soar, the River Trent, the River Witham; all of which have a wealth of wildlife.  Spotting little egrets, lapwings, cormorants, kingfishers, a wealth of herons, crested grebes, and what a way to see them as we travel on our NB Hekla.  I really has been a diverse summer.  The rivers offer a wilderness of wildlife and fauna.  How lucky we are to be able to see what lives with us as we travel.

Coots Swans


Catching shots, sometimes isn’t that easy, so sometimes its a sketch to help me remember something I have seen on our travels.  This year we have only seen 4 kingfishers and all in one day as we went down the River Soar.  Quick little birds, in an instant they are gone.  Sketch books at the ready for more drawings to be inspired.