The year that was….

A Travelling Gallery

NB Hekla Pop-Up Art Gallery

It has been an interesting year on the whole; getting used to a new life, painting, drawing, photographing and then opening up our Travelling Gallery. NB Hekla Pop-Up Art Gallery. When I look back on reflection we have had an amazing encounter with wildlife, people and boats.

These new paintings and drawings were made over the last year from encounters with a bird hide in a Nottinghamshire woodland. By using flight feathers I found, I was able to create different strokes, textures and marks which gives the impression of trees, grasses, feathers. Along with sound recordings and videos I took from various visits; it gives an ambiance of the woodland.

Black bird - female

Black bird – female

An empty nest the fledglings have flown...

An empty nest the fledglings have flown…

a winter woodland

a winter woodland

The Poem: upon finding a nest blown from its  lodgings, I began to think of its origins.  The nest is part of my Cabinet of Curiosity along with the artifacts found on location.

A poem of the finding of an empty nest.

A poem of the finding of an empty nest.

I was chuffed to hear during this last month that I have been accepted into the Association of Animal Artists; it is so nice to be introduced to other artists who are painting, sculpting, drawing wildlife as we see it. The year ahead seems so exciting! We are going to be exhibiting alongside other travelling galleries along with a few exhibitions; dates to be announced.

A member of the AAA

Wishing you all the best and thank you for showing an interest in my travels, drawings and paintings.  Lesley